Bitdefender not updating 2016

It is good practice to first restart your computer before starting any troubleshooting.The next step is to simply boot the system into safe mode. Once in safe mode, Restart the system to boot back automatically into normal mode. If you are able to Right-click the start menu and access the panel, Then select ‘Programs and Features’ The moment Dropbox is uninstalled, the start menu begins to respond.You can follow the steps given above to get to the programs and features page to Upgrade / Uninstall Avast Antivirus.What if I do not have Dropbox or Avast in my computer?Other than using Power Shell Appx Packages commands, Reset or Re-installation of the Operating system. The long way to create a new user account is to Right-click the ‘Task bar’ and follow the instructions Wizard…What if we are unable to access the user accounts page or when click ‘Manage another account’ – it is not responding?Easy way to create another user account is to use the Command Prompt window: For that we have to : Right-click the ‘Task bar’ to close the Command Prompt Window. You would like to try and resolve this start menu Problem in the current user account. We need to use the Windows Powershell and run an Appx Package cmdlet.The problem now for users is recently Google Security researcher revealed vulnerability in Safe Zone browser which allows attackers to list and read files from your computer after you click a malicious link.

The restart method does not always resolve the problem, but works occasionally.To boot into safe mode, Press and hold down the Shift Key, and Click ‘Restart’ On the next screen, Select Troubleshoot Restart. You have to restart the computer for Cortana to start working.The system would now restart to the Startup settings screen. Once its confirmed that start menu and Cortana is working normally, Dropbox can be reinstalled back in the Computer.Avast Antivirus can be one of the reasons for Cortana and Start Menu not working problems in the computer.You can first try updating Avast Antivirus and check if the issue is resolved.

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