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Send a free expression of interest and see if the woman you are interested in would like to get to know you.

Dozens of international dating sites cheerfully seduce you with their “unique offers” and “100% guarantees.” But when being examined more meticulously lots of popular dating sites fail to keep the promises given.

Now, in 2015, the website I started back in the last century has had more than 2 million profiles listed, and thousands of people met their partners.

What’s more, thousands of people go online every day and talk to each other. magazine that said something along the lines: In future, online dating will become the preferred method of meeting people, just as library listing systems replaced wandering around bookshelves, and seeing Internet personals as something inappropriate will be the same as if we thought it was wrong to use library catalogues, because “the best books are only found by chance”.

Who are you to tell me whom to choose and what my options are?

It’s plainly obvious that values based upon “normal” way of meeting people don’t work any better than meeting people online.

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