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The massage should be performed in a radiating manner...neck and shoulders, arms and hands, individual fingers, back, thighs, calves, feet and toes.Another reason that massage from the back may have an advantage, is that a woman often feel more comfortable and relaxed, as her body is less exposed.The feeling of the "face down" position is conducive in fostering a sense of well being, which in turn makes it easier for the woman to "let herself go".Soothing music and candlelight will greatly enhance the atmosphere. Prior to the massage, it may be desirable to take a short shower, as opposed to a hot bath.

Be sure to arrange a number of bath size towels to protect the bedding from the excess oil.Pour a liberal amount of oil into the palm of your hand, and rub both hands together vigorously so as to warm the hands as well as the oil.Avoid pouring the oil directly onto the skin, unless it has been previously heated.After stroking the rosebud, allow your hand to glide down to the labia.This should be repeated in an up and down motion (from above the rosebud to the labia and back up again).

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