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You mention this to your inner circle during your weekly powwow over coffee.Days later your best male friend (part of said circle) invites you out to a hip indie cinema.he arrives with folders full of his previous work, and a couple of versions of his CV he wants you to edit on the spot; he eagerly accepts your offer to pay on your corporate Amex and orders himself a wildly expensive glass of vintage brandy to ensure he’s got his money’s worth.The man you’ve lusted after from afar is finally single.You spend the night before in a frenzy: setting out matching underwear; opening the new perfume you’d saved from Christmas, and over-plucking your eyebrows.Then he announces he’s taking you to his local where you can ‘grab a quick bite’. he’s made the effort to reserve the best table at what turns out to be the gastro-pub of the moment, with tables so hot that Kate Moss is sitting at one; he chooses to squeeze next to you on the bench seat rather than opposite where his place setting is.You arrive wearing your rattiest jeans and sans mascara – he’s warned you it’s a weepy.He gives you a long hug, then, unasked, hands you a box of popcorn (sweet below, salt on top – your favourite).

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, post movie, he insists that none of the men you’ve ever dated has been remotely worthy; he seems to remember every significant and insignificant event in your life since you sat next to each other in GCSE maths; he bought the premium (read: love) seats.

But is he really after insider tips only, or does he think that they’ll be served with a little bit of loving on the side?

he spends the entire hour asking Paxman-style questions about your private life; he tells you you’re even better looking than he remembered; he has done next to no research on your employer, who he was supposedly so interested in hearing all about.

What joy when you meet a charismatic househusband at the school gates – cue daily doses of adult conversation and brilliant insider gossip on the goings-on at PTA meetings.

He suggests the two of you take all the children to the Topsy Turvy Playworld after school the following Thursday.

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