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Max replies "Well, I guess I know what's coming But dams built for irrigation in the mountains southwest of Chihuahua have increasingly begun to stanch that flow.

A related gag also exists where Conan promises that he will not waste the audience's time with zany, random jokes, only to introduce a completely zany, random character.

Behind a neat stone wall breached by a wooden gate, he laid down hardwood floors and placed a mantel on his fireplace; outside the living room he built a terraced formal garden with an ornamental pool, and in the back, he placed a citrus orchard.

The bear would then usually be given electric shocks by his human handlers.

As he no longer worked for NBC, he instead showed different clips featuring Chuck Norris from Walker - the same clips showed during the Legally Prohibited tour - Again, with the exception of the clip with Haley Joel Osment, which was shown at the end of the segment.

Conan said Late Night decided to use the domain name to create an actual web site, giving it the appearance of a fake porn site.

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The sketch involved Conan nervously reacting to various band members shouting at him, only to learn they were being literal.

The ranch is the last large unspoiled part of the Big Bend country remaining in private hands.

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