Angela lindvall is dating

Johnna & Garrett Twenty-something Tampa, FL, resident Johnna drank too many Moscatos one night and started Googling “how to date an inmate.” She stumbled on 24-year old Garrett’s mugshot, and Cupid’s bow struck her heart. Because if that sh*t goes back on the rack, someone in the very near future is gonna be heading to the free clinic with a mystery rash.

Four years and a thousand letters later, Johnna’s purchased a house for Garrett to live in with her, is planning a traditional wedding to the man of her dreams, and is reading statistics that say “ex-cons are 50% less likely to return to prison if they get married! Also, I am never buying lingerie from a store EVER again.

Scott is willing to do whatever it takes to make Lizzie happy, even getting her a pink car if that’s what the going rate is these days.

His grown son, Scott, can barely choke down vomit while listening to Dad sweet talk Lizzie on the phone.

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Speakers to be announced shortly.· Wellness experiences including facial stations by Tata Harper, Shiva Rose, Herbivore Botanicals, May Lindstrom, Anastasia Achilleos, Facile, and Annee de Mamiel.

And I am telling you right now: Much like 90 Day Fiance, Love After Lockup will be introducing a mix of couples every week, with six in total.

We were introduced to four of them on Friday night’s premiere, so let’s take a peek at the stats we need to know about each of them, moving forward.

” Johnna’s father, Jonathon, is living his worst nightmare, realizing his darling daughter is serious about turning her prison BAE into a real-life huzzzzzband. #The More You Know Johnna maneuvers her fuzzy pink steering wheel (which will be useful in identifying her car later when she is MURDERED) to pick Garrett up on the day he’s released.

Garrett has been incarcerated for 6 years on multiple counts of burglary and grand theft auto. Squealing with delight, she jumps into his arms and dreams about their future. And the room he’ll be sleeping in that doesn’t have a steel toilet within view.

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