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Jane accepts an invitation to a mysterious private mansion and finds a strange home full of art, secrets, spies, a quirky cast of characters, and more questions than answers. After being sent away to boarding school when her brother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Suzette has returned home to LA for the summer. She returns to their hometown to work in Henry's family bookshop, where Henry faces his own struggles. When her crush Gavin starts to take an interest in her, Grace finally feels like she has a protector—until their relationship spirals out of control. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, .99 (9780316349000). When Francisco and his younger sister, Pilar, are forced to move into a men's prison with their father, Francisco must decide whether to break up his family and take his sister to live with their grandparents or stay together in the dangerous prison. After her brother’s death, Rachel’s world is in shambles. She lives under constant scrutiny from her mother and her stepfather, the Giant. It's hard for Marcos to be in his neighborhood, but being at school isn’t much better. Can Molly overcome her insecurities and finally take a chance? Her outgoing twin, Cassie, thinks she's got the perfect guy for Molly, but Molly’s finding herself more drawn to a nerdy coworker.

In this beautiful, weird novel, the creative chaos of the gradually darkening pages reflects the abusive conditions best friends August and Jack live in. Told across multiple generations, this artful novel explores the moments that define our lives and connect us.

Readers will come to care deeply for each protagonist, recognizing the similarities in each of these different political periods and the universal face of courage. Disappointed, he takes a position captaining the Invictus as part of a black market operation stealing artifacts from the past. Noemi is a 17-year-old soldier defending her planet, Genesis, against Earth. Dutton Books for Young Readers, .99 (9780525555360). Apprentice cheesemaker Neverfell doesn’t know how she came to Caverna, who she can trust, or why she alone must hide her face, but her life depends on finding those answers.

Josef (a Jewish boy in 1939), Isabel (a Cuban in 1994), and Mahmoud (a Syrian in 2015) flee their homes seeking safety. Farway has trained to be a time-traveling history recorder, but fails his final exam. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, .99 (9780316394031). In Caverna, an underground world, skilled craftsmen create hallucinogenic cheese, memory-erasing wine, and facial expressions that conceal emotions and motivations. Deft humor underscores David's efforts to fix his mistakes.

In 1999 Bolivia, Francisco's father is arrested on false drug charges. Rachel and Henry were best friends until Rachel moved away. Grace, a musical theater-loving junior, is not like her friends. 16-year-old Frenchie is part of a group that bands together for survival.

Knopf Books for Young Readers, .99 (9781101937648). In a futuristic world destroyed by climate change, where most people have lost the ability to dream, Indigenous Peoples of North America are being hunted down and killed for the dream cure found in their bone marrow. It's Pasiphae, Minos' wife, who pays the price, birthing a son who is half man and half bull.

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