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They should be attractive without being wildly beautiful, they are an undiscovered jewel after all.The male lead recognises the qualities that she does not and brings then out for the audience.After Penny snags a job at the Laundromat—which is managed by Helen’s surly 11-year-old brother—she meets geeky desk clerk Walter, and an awkward romance is born.Penny’s story grew out of Hirsh and Ota’s Johnny Wander webcomic, and they’re in perfect sync, delivering drily funny dialogue and outlandish visual comedy that plays with conventions of film, manga, and geek culture (for her part, Penny adores fantasy romance novels with titles like Dragon Lust and Succubus Seduced, which she organizes “according to hotness”).Penny Brighton looses her job and her apartment on the same day, she find alternative employment (her boss is eleven and a half years old going on 55) and very alternative accommodation thanks to her ex flatmate.When Penny meets Walter at the local community centre (she had been searching for a free place to shower) it looks like she might been having an upturn in her luck and life.

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Ananth Hirsh takes this challenge and makes it look absurdly easy, Penny fits all the requirements and then does something extra, she is actually likeable.

There is an appreciable difference between lovable and likable, creators frequently demand that we love their characters because they do and they are just so lovable.

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