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The first time Brinson called Amber, she was at a Goodwill shopping for treasures.At first Amber didn't think Brinson was interested in her, later she found out that Brinson thought the same about her. The intentionally, sweet words, and kind gestures in which Brinson pursued Amber caused her to fall quickly. Her first and last boyfriend, first kiss, and only true love.Amber waited patiently and served God faithfully during her singleness, which was not always easy but was a season that will always be cherished.She prayed for her future spouse long before meeting Brinson.Their unity is sweet, pure, and a reflection of God's redemptive work even through sorrow. The Gardens at Kennesaw Mountain is a beautiful outdoor wedding surround by God's incredible creation including lots of trees.Amber wanted to get married under a tree but this venue offers a surrounding of trees. You can read more about the show in the press release below.

Brinson never thought the day would come when his love would find out she had cancer.

Left with two children, Brinson knew that he wanted to find someone that would love him and his children.

He wanted his children to be loved by a mother again.

Eventually Amber came around and decided to take more ownership over her profile which was around the time that Brinson wanted to meet her in person.

Brinson and Amber met at Starbucks after chatting via text messages.

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