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Additional information may be found in series AIR 2 which also includes papers of the Admiralty and the War Office relating to aviation and aeronautics. Read our guide on How to find naval correspondence using the ADM 12 indexes and digests for more information.A few early squadron operations record books are in AIR 27 which can be searched online. For more information on other ADM record series refer to the research guide Royal Navy operations in the Second World War.They include information about operations over enemy territory, daily reports on interception and tactics and final reports on operations and night raids as well as some reconnaissance photographs.Photographs documenting bombing missions in Europe are included in HO 191/113-121 and in series AIR 23.Records which relate to these campaigns fall in the department code AIR.Second World War operational records are arranged by RAF organisation units, the highest being high command.Bomber command intelligence reports are found in AIR 40 and files AIR 24/214-325.Brief details of all operations carried out by bomber command are recorded in the night and day reports in series AIR 14.

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Most of the operational records are not available to view online unless otherwise stated.This guide covers all the major series for operational records from 1914 up to 1945 and also post war operations.It also contains guidance for records associated with RAF operations.Reports on operations are in series AIR 5 under Code 57/3 and in series AIR 9.Search for squadrons records in the operations record books (AIR 27) online.

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