Ahmad bradshaw dating angelina Telugubuddy chating

A couple weeks after we posted, we received a very pleasant email letting us know that the rumor was untrue.Ahmad Bradshaw was in a long term, stable relationship with a woman who was not famous for hooking up with Vinny or being the self appointed Kim Kardashian of Staten Island.They have no motivation outside of chasing these guys!These girls know where the boys hang out, where they eat, where they shop, and they are almost like stalkers in a sense! Sometimes it’s hard to go to the away games ,when you have babies at home , but we definitely go to all the home ones!” Meaning, you can dress a pig in the finest gold, but if you act like a pig, you are a pig! They are so loving and they have always cared so much about Ahmad and our family!JM: Well I can tell you that excitement about BJ leaving is not what we feel! He is an outstanding father and a wonderful husband! Couch Coughlin makes the Giants a family, not just a team!Jessica Marcus: Ahmad and I started dating when I was 16 and he was 14! We have def had our ups and downs but I think that’s anybody who has been together as long as we have!

PW: The main reason you wrote us was after Angelina from Jersey Shore inserted herself into the public eye by issuing a non-denial denial about her in a relationship with Ahmad. READ MORE Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw is out of the grasp of the law, but he still might get tackled by the NFL for a probation violation. We’ve never been shy about interjecting opinions on stories we cover, especially when it comes to two celebrities dating, and we weren’t shy with our disgust at that rumor.Super Bowl champ Ahmad Bradshaw knows about scoring -- but he might want to reconsider when it comes to Angelina Pivarnick ... READ MORE NY Giants star running back Ahmad Bradshaw has apparently developed an extra-special relationship with former "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick ...

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