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We do not limit our amenities, included are free wireless high speed internet, fax, as well as the normal business services.We will exceed and fulfill your corporate expectations.You’ll continue to the northern tip of Northern America’s longest and deepest fjord, the Lynn Canal.Watch eagles soaring effortlessly overhead, breathe in crisp mountain air, and enjoy a true Alaskan wilderness experience as you ride along on the Chilkoot Horseback Adventure. The gold rush was primarily focused in the region around Dawson City in Yukon and the Yukon River. The Klondike Gold Rush (1896–1899) transformed the Chilkoot Trail into a mainstream transportation route to Canada's interior., rated in the top 15 in Alaska Accommodations, afford our guests with a unique touch of luxury in a setting beyond description.The beauty of the area not only offers hiking trails, picnic grounds, wildlife, natural springs and a waterfall, but include the echo's of the gold rush.

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Here you’ll meet your guides and horses, receive safety instructions, and be helped into the saddle of your horse for one hour and forty-five minutes of gentle riding through the spectacular beauty of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park.As you amble along and get to know your trusty steed, your knowledgeable guides will regale you with tales from the Klondike Gold Rush, including the boom-and-bust saga of the once-thriving gold rush town of Dyea, which now lies abandoned.Your ride will take you through quiet rainforest, then along the wildflower-strewn fields of the Dyea flats, with panoramic views of distant snow-capped mountains.Please check our potential for your future retreats.hiking the famous Chilkoot Trail or just enjoying the serenity of the wildlife and history, guests will be sure to leave with unforgettable memories of their personal experience with life long local hosts, Fred and Kathy Hosford, as well as encounters with the indigenous bears, sea lions, bald eagles and a host of other wildlife.

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