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(At least that’s the first question my mother’s going to ask.) So why would anyone actually endeavor to become good at typing sexually-explicit thoughts to complete strangers? If all of you don’t start getting a lot better at this than you are now, I’ll be forced to go back to lurking in the back rows of porno theaters.Well, despite my feelings about you and your vicious personal attacks upon my interests and hobbies, I can answer your question in one word: because. So before I have to dig my raincoat out of storage, I want a chance to present this primer to those of you who are interested in joining the Internet cybersex community, or maybe just tired of dry-cleaning your raincoat. I don’t know who originally thought up the whole idea.We begin by highlighting important aspects of this adolescent developmental issue and then examine the characteristics of online environments that support sexual activities more generally.The rest of the chapter will describe adolescents’ online sexual exploration, from the construction of their sexual self to their access of sexually explicit content.I believe this primer is necessary because, quite frankly, some of you idiots are wasting my limited time online with your lame-ass questions.Come with me now and I will show you all the methods of initiating a conversation with a sexually-uninhibited partner and cultivate a stimulating online romance that will last almost an entire week before boredom sets in and you go off to find someone else.

At various points in this book you will see little smiley faces like the ones at the beginning of this chapter. For example: cyberslut: I want to be anally fisted. But it’s a book about proper cybersex techniques, and that by definition means more foul language than a Tarantino Film Retrospective.But if I accomplish nothing else with this book (and believe me, I won’t) I want to at least debunk what I believe to be the biggest myth about cybersex: that it’s just a bunch of balding, fat men pretending to be lesbians chatting with other balding, fat men pretending to be lesbians. Now, I’m not saying you should believe everything someone tells you online, I’ll discuss in future chapters how to hone your bullshit-detection skills, but you should not immediately assume everyone you’re talking to is wearing their Star Trek uniforms while their mother calls to them through the locked basement door to wash up for dinner. Remember: everyone who owns a computer has had cybersex at least once. I can’t believe you fell for one of the oldest sales ploys in the publishing industry.I admit those losers are out there,* but it doesn’t begin to address the real issue: they’re not all balding. There really are women on the Internet, and they do engage in cybersex. Just think for a moment about all the people you know who recently brought home new computers. Throw the word “sex” in the title and you’ve got a million-seller on your hands!(See, you knew these computers would save you time!) There are a great many myths about the Internet that I will dispel in this manual; myths about the “chat rooms” that can be found there and about those who engage in the sexually-charged conversations within them. Don’t be embarrassed to read this book, and please don’t be too embarrassed to buy it, either! And for all those people who are shaking their heads right now, denying it, allow me to quote from A. Milne’s classic children’s tale Winnie The Pooh: “Tigger, please...” Now if you bought this book because of the titillating title, well I have just this to say to you: sucker!

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    A female INTJ teen’s capacity for handling difficulties like this largely depends on the depth of character and self-respect cultivated earlier in life, during the childhood years.

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    Back then, “the facebook thing” was still a rough idea, and 18-year-old Zuckerberg was trying to finesse the concept. “I don’t think people would sign up for the facebook thing if they knew it was for dating,” Zuckerberg wrote.

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