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They quite simply point out the numerous instances of black women in relationships with black men who have little financially. Well I will say that the easy defense against this accusation exists for one important reason; that reason being that the accusation is NOT TRUE. Black men refer to black women as gold-diggers for lack of a better term to describe the dynamics between black women and black men as it relates to finances.Black women are no more likely to be gold-diggers than any other group of women and probably less likely. Many simply know of no better term and many may avoid the true term due to it being even more incendiary than “gold-digger” (I will state this term later).She harasses him about demanding a raise, tries to convince him to look for a higher paying job or pushes him to take on a side hustle.Such women will sometimes turn a blind eye to their men’s illegal activities if such activities provide the means by which they can continue their materialistic pursuits.Once upon a time there was a young dragon slayer who hailed from Queens Bridge.This fabled dragon slayer slayed dragons twice his size with ease, though he never quite reached the heights of the dragons he has slain. There are whispers in the Kingdom that Young Slayer might not be the true sire of his dear beloved progeny.Financial issues are one of the top reasons for divorce and financial disputes tend to go beyond simply not providing family necessities and into the realm of not providing for the materialistic needs of a particular woman.

Black women and others who disagree with this accusation seemingly have a very good defense against it. This statement is not a fabrication nor a delusion, but rather a misnomer.

Of course, this is a generalization and individuals vary, but this trend is significantly more prevalent among sistas.

Now as any man knows, women tend to feel that their men are obligated to contribute to their spending habits.

This avoids much relationship friction while still garnering financial rewards and a more stable financial future for the both of them since they will actually save some money.

Such women are actually gold-digging, yet they seem benign because they are not constantly at their men’s necks about spending money.

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