Accomodating light sensitive employee

Once we received our food i asked the waiter Calvin twice was the pasta Gluten Free he then stated yes it is.

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My husband & I returned to the restaurant at the next morning. I proceeded to ask the manager & what appeared to be a cook if they were informed of the situation. (Which the manager came back later & informed me that he had not checked his emails, but he supposedly did received a message about it after midnight.) Anyhow, he said he would search the trash himself, after another manager arrived.

Today Olive Garden is a casual dining restaurant specializing in Italian-American cuisine.

Olive Garden has more than 800 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Kuwait. Answer 3: Olive Garden was founded by General Mills, Inc. Tagged as: Olive Garden address, Olive Garden complaint desk, Olive Garden complaints, Olive Garden corporate address, Olive Garden corporate office headquarters, Olive Garden customer complaints, Olive Garden headquarters, Olive Garden home office, Olive Garden main office, Olive Garden office address, Olive Garden office email, Olive Garden office fax, Olive Garden office phone, Olive Garden office phone number It was Mother’s Day 2018 and my husband placed a large “To Go” order at the Olive Garden in Jackson, MS as 15 people would be attending a luncheon at our home. We drove 40 minutes to pick up the order, only to have to wait 30 minutes for the order.

As soon as my son got in the vehicle, he realized he didn’t have his cards & went back in immediately to get his cards.

The table had already been completely cleaned and people seated at our table.

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