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External waits External waits occur when a SQL Server worker is waiting for an external event, such as an extended stored procedure call or a linked server query, to finish.

When you diagnose blocking issues, remember that external waits do not always imply that the worker is idle, because the worker may actively be running some external code. To view the tape status, query sys.dm_io_backup_tapes.

Occurs when SQL Server waits for all update transactions in this database to finish before declaring the database ready to transition to snapshot isolation allowed state.

This state is used when SQL Server enables snapshot isolation by using the ALTER DATABASE statement.

Returns information about all the waits encountered by threads that executed.

You can use this aggregated view to diagnose performance issues with SQL Server and also with specific queries and batches.

Occurs when a task is waiting to access a file when an external backup is active. A count larger than five per user process may indicate that the external backup is taking too much time to finish.

Occurs when a task is waiting on an event that is used to manage state transition.

Indicates that the communications layer is starting to become overloaded and affect the database mirroring data throughput.This state controls when the recovery of Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) transactions occurs after SQL Server receives notification that the MS DTC service has become unavailable.Occurs in a MS DTC worker session when the session is waiting to take ownership of a MS DTC transaction.After MS DTC owns the transaction, the session can roll back the transaction.Generally, the session will wait for another session that is using the transaction.

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