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We seek an America where people 50-plus have the financial resources and opportunities to match their longer life expectancy.

We want an America where people 50-plus are seen as an integral and inspirational asset to society.

AARP’s public policies serve as the foundation of our work to fight for people 50-plus and help equip them to live their best lives.

AARP’s membership represents nearly 38 million Americans age 50 and over.

Our members span four generations and reflect a wide range of attitudes, cultures and lifestyles.

A growing number of them work full- or part-time because they want to or must.

The only reason why Group coverage like the Employer type is beneficial is because the employers shares in the cost of the policies and may I add BOTH the employer and the employee save on taxes too.

Plus they also have a wider age group of employees to help balance out the risk especially from chronic conditions which seems to be concentrated in greater numbers in the age group of 55 - 64. government almost 0 billion in subsidies this year help provide Americans under age 65 with health insurance through their jobs or in government-sponsored health programs, according to a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

They do make money from this arrangement as they do with other affilliations. AARP is NOT an Insurer - even for Medicare Advantage pland and Medigap (Medicare Supplemental) plans which are currently offered under their name umbrella, they are NOT the actual insurer - they are affilliated with United Healthcare for this coverage. Thank you, Ellen Now let's think about how this might work -1.Although he just turned 50 in September and isn't an AARP member, Ken Nicholas signed up with How About We this fall because he "liked the premise of taking it offline."Nicholas, a sales consultant in Los Angeles, was married for 12 years; he says it was difficult to get back into dating after his divorce was finalized in August.He had tried a few online dating sites with "really terrible experiences."His date suggestion: "How about we start with coffee and end with wine.

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