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"A first date is really a meet and greet," says Newman."Of course you don't want to hide who you are, but being your authentic self with a positive spin will serve you better than going down a negative road with a total stranger."Conventional wisdom says not to touch on things like politics and religion on the first date."We had a torturous three-hour dinner where he didn’t talk to me but kept ordering more food," she says. " is high on the list of date questions that double as minefields.Of course it's smart to use attractive photos, but they're going to see you anyway. It's all too easy to work yourself up over crafting the perfect answer when really, being single isn't some terrible affliction in need of explanation."Apparently he'd gotten in a motorcycle accident at some point and injured his ' Johnson,' as he called it, so it was constantly erect," says Newman."He said he was a great time in bed because it would be like Viagra."She declined and left, forever taking with her the knowledge that it's OK to stop a date if you can tell it's not going to work.In those moments, remind yourself of this crucial fact: all you're looking for is one person who's a match, and that can happen at any time."Also, if you're dating online, the pool is constantly refreshed," says Newman.

"I would share my hopes and dreams about future relationships," says Newman.

"It's exhausting to try to figure out what someone wants instead of being yourself, and really, you don't need to be a fit for everybody," she says."Something like, ' Hey, how are you doing? ' immediately gave the date a sense of familiarity and made the guys feel more at home with me," says Newman.

"It was an organic way to make things feel more natural, probably because it helped show that I was looking at them as people instead of just trying to get the right answers out of them."This especially comes in handy if you want to see if there's a spark.

It's everyone's default status, after all. "I stopped asking people why they were single and assumed it was for valid reasons," she says. She'd respond with, ' I was married for 10 years, and we separated for totally valid reasons that I'll tell you about when I know you better." Her dates usually respected that boundary.

Sometimes the idea of going on yet another first date with yet another person to see, yet again, if something's there gets to be too much.

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