13 1202 threatening or intimidating

This felony charge is more common in domestic violence cases whereby a defendant is accused of threatening a romantic partner or family member for calling the police.

Threatening or intimidating cases are charged as felonies when involving criminal street gangs.

Threatening or intimidating can be physical or verbal, and may include injury to another person or another person’s property.

Although these concepts may seem subjective, and often are, they are taken very seriously in court, and are sometimes charged in conjunction with related offenses, like domestic violence.

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Threatening or Intimidating, under ARS 13-1202, is a serious offense that can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony.

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Because of the subjective nature of intimidation, determining facts and falsehoods can be difficult at best.

A legal defense against threatening and intimidation takes this into consideration, and attempts to identify inaccurate information and statements.

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