112th anniversary of item dating

— Miscellany: Senegal story; So ronery; Hawaii dive-o …

into the shelters; Meritocracy is a tool of whiteness; Intro — Temporary Protected Status, for ever — Drowning in sewage — Trump confers with the Swamp — Say not the struggle naught availeth!

— Don't just do something, sit there — China: All is now as it was — A new May Fourth Movement?

— Miscellany: Jared sues Twitter; Lawless vandals supported by the law; South Africa targets whites; Fingers crossed for Italy — Signoff: Intro — Hysterics under the guidance of fanatics — Race denialism kills — JROTC heroes — Reasoned argument not yet dead — Halls of Uselessness — Miscellany: Billy Graham RIP; Nork athletes headed to camps; Garbagepile countries — Signoff: The mountains of Galicia Intro — Lunatic shoots up school, commentators flap arms — It's who we are — Blackety-black history month — Miscellany: Westminster dog show goes gay; Happy birthday, Chuck!

; The last Miss Bum Bum pageant — Signoff: Country classic Intro: American Renaissance conference fortress — Where are the grownups?

— Wanted: the smack of firm government — Is it 4-D chess after all?

— Europe's populist bloc: from sea to shining sea — My big black royal wedding — Miscellany: Another school shooting; The Coalition of Victims eats its own; Religion crumbles; A pesky (interplanetary) illegal alien — Signoff: With the First Lord Intro — Immigration legislation: it's always 1986 — Hatched … ; First died, first served; The Intellectual Dark Web: Making New York Times readers' flesh creep; The spacing wars — Signoff: Baroque and soothing Intro — Upper West Side liberals fight integration — White school flight banned by law in Ohio — Trump shills for the cheap-labor lobbies — Tom and Linda: Am I to blame?

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— Miscellany: Intro — Somali averages are terrible — Somalis' twofer privilege — It ain't over till the alien wins — MS-13 among the kulaks — Immigrants are better than us, series #22,894 — Miscellany: Vexed by the Pope; Strategic deportation; Thoughts of Chairman Blair; Snake bites woman — Signoff: With a song you can understand — Can-kicking news — Totalitarian capitalism: China got there first — The bollardization of the West — George Adamski lives!

————————— Radio Derb has been on the air as a podcast since mid-2004.

It's a once-a-week 30- or 40-minute commentary, usually posted late on Friday evening, covering news events from the week.

— Counting beyond one — Miscellany: Bezos shares his wealth; Happy Birthday Charles Murray!

; White supremacy in Turkmenistan — Signoff: I'm sorry, I haven't a clue Intro — The singer and the song (cont.): That book — The DACAthlon: When will it end?

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