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If that particular person is not the men/women of your dreams, does not mean that he/she cannot be a really good friend! You will not find a prince charming or supermodel on these sites.

[...] How to make a long-distance relationship work How to make a long-distance relationship work has become nowadays one of the biggest challenges that some couples have to face.

Finding the perfect partner may not be easy, so be patient because building a serious relationship takes considerable time. You would need to take some time to seduce the other person.

There were some times where you will be contacted by men/women who you may not be interested with, but politely tell them you prefer have a friendship.

If you want to increase your chances, make sure you create an amazing profile, and upload your best photos.

Then, contact those users who caught your attention, and if there is a mutual interest, make sure the conversation flows.

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