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The week ending July 28, 1958 was the final publication of the Most Played By Jockeys and Top 100 charts, both of which had Perez Prado's instrumental version of "Patricia" ascending to the top.

On August 4, 1958, Billboard premiered one main all-genre singles chart: the Hot 100.

The Billboard Hot 100 is still the standard by which a song's popularity is measured in the United States.

Eventually, a song's airplay points were weighted more so than its sales.

Billboard has adjusted the sales/airplay ratio many times to more accurately reflect the true popularity of songs.

Radio airplay, which, unlike sales figures and streaming data, is readily available on a real-time basis, and is tracked on a Monday to Sunday cycle (previously Wednesday to Tuesday).

A new chart is compiled and officially released to the public by Billboard on Tuesdays.

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